Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day in Pajamas - Easy Ways to Make Breakfast in Bed Tradition Extra Special for Mom

Mother's Day is May 11!

It's coming up quick and according to friends, customers and a deluge of Facebook posts, spoiling Mom on her special day while letting her relax and spend the day in her PJs is a popular and always loved gift. There are endless ways to make Mom happy - and almost anything her children do for her will delight Mom. Thank you to customers and friends who have contributed to this list and I've included some great ideas here for everyone. Here are some easy ways to make her Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed super special for Mom while she lounges, relaxes and rejuvenates in her pajamas with her family:

Breakfast in Bed...or on the deck...or in the sunroom.. 

Everyone knows this one! And Mom always appreciates sleeping in and having breakfast served to her. Who doesn't? You can make this wonderful tradition even more special with these easy tips:
  • Have her coffee piping hot and waiting for her while kids and Dad prepare breakfast
  • Have the kids go outside and pick a single flower, put it in a vase and place it near Mom so she can enjoy it while eating
  • Bring her the newspaper or ipad or whatever she likes to check first thing in the morning
  • Keep breakfast simple! It is not so much the actual food, but the fact that her family has taken the initiative and time to prepare it for her. Here are some link to some great, easy breakfast recipes perfect for Mother's Day. Of course, she will enjoy a regular favorite just as much, whether its toast with butter, pancakes or cereal. Remember, its the effort that counts.
  • Make sure Mom gets huge hugs immediately upon awakening.
  • Include some hand made 'I LOVE YOU' cards and drawings that she can open while enjoying her feast
  • Add to breakfast something special and non-traditional breakfast chocolate. Let Mom splurge - after all its her day.
See more fun ideas for Breakfast in Bed for Mom on Pinterest:

To make Mother's Day breakfast in bed extra special, here are some unique and fun pajamas for Mom.

Fun Mommy Pajamas

Another great gift idea is to have kids in their matching outfits that match Mom's pajamas. Here is a fun selection of Mommy and Me Pajamas and outfits (adult sizes are pajamas; kids sizes are daywear clothing sets).
Mommy and Me Outfits
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