Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukranian Family - Inspirational Story of Love

I was recently on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with an amazing group of people. During the course of the week we shared lives and things we were struggling with in our lives. Our theme for the week was ‘Love’, a beautiful theme for any occasion. One morning as we were doing yoga in our outdoor studio on the dock of the jungle, our instructor shared this story of family love that I am compelled to pass along. This family was neighbors of hers in New Jersey. You may want to grab a tissue before reading this story of love, family and endurance.

This is their story:

A husband and wife lived in the Ukraine during World War 2 and embarked on a train ride to visit the wife’s sister. When the doors opened, they found themselves ushered into a concentration camp. Prisoners, even though they were Catholic. The husband and wife were imprisoned in separate barracks under horrid, unimaginable conditions. Each night they would sneak out of their barracks and meet in a wooded area. There they would sit up, back to back to keep watch, and talk, touch and sleep. While imprisoned the wife became pregnant with the husband’s child. She was allowed to carry the baby to term as one of the officers had recently lost a child and he intended to abduct the wife’s baby once it was born and keep it for his own.

The camp was liberated before she gave birth and they couple moved to New Jersey where they raised a beautiful family of children and grandchildren.

The husband and wife, years later as grandparents, reflected that the sheer force of their love for each other gave them the strength to survive. Just that nightly contact and being together gave them hope and faith to endure. That the force of love can be as powerful as any other force and they clung to those nights and the brief moments they were able to share.

                As we all struggle in our daily lives to juggle everything in our modern day world, be sure to take those moments every single day to sit with your family, forge that bond that ties you all together and love each other. They are right there with you, in the same house. Take that moment and love your family today.
Thank you for reading this story of family inspiration. If you have a story of your own or know of an amazing family, please contact me and share your story. I would love to share it with others.
~ Amber
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