Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best-Selling Matching Holiday Clothing Designs

Often customers will contact us to ask us which designs are our most popular. With so many different holiday designs and styles now available, I understand it can be overwhelming sometimes choosing the best style and fit for your family. For customers who ask this question, I always tell them our top 5 best-sellers. Each year we offer brand-new never seen before trademark original designs to our large selection. Very rarely do we discontinue a design because they usually do so well with returning customers and new customers looking for a certain theme or style.

If you are looking to purchase matching holiday clothing for your family this year and having trouble deciding, here is our top 5 best-selling designs year after year:

1. Very Merry Me Snowman - Our FIRST holiday design and our best-seller every year. In recent years we have branched out to Very Merry Daddy, Very Merry Mommy, Very Merry Baby and Very Merry Doggie. Due to customer request and to offer the most options possible of this popular Christmas design, we now offer short-sleeve and boxer options as well as several different pants choices.
2. Penguin Helper at North Pole with Santa Hat - Also, a favorite and best-seller, this unique penguin design with words Love Your Family and adorable santa hat is now offered in a variety of boxer and pant sets.

 3. Christmas Trees Matching Family Sets on Red - Super fun graphic of a family of Christmas Trees exchanging their own holiday gifts! Available in lots of sizes and styles from adult, children, toddler, youth, infant.
4. Polar Bear on an Iceberg Royal Family Flannel Sets - Super cute! We receive many customer raves about this set and it sell off the shelves every year since it was created.
5. Winter Snoflake Matching Family Outfits - A great set for the entire family as it can be worn all winter long even after the holiday season. Customers were this desing on family ski trips or for Christmas Morning or any family gathering in the winter.


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