Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Steps for a Fun, Creative, Unique Family Christmas Card

Do you enjoy sending out a holiday christmas card every year to friends and family? Have you had this family tradition for years? Many families do, in fact, this is one of the most popular holiday traditions. As a company with the largest selection of Matching Christmas Pajamas and family oriented apparel, I am privileged to talk to so many families who use our product for their holiday photo. Customers share with me their fun and creative photos as well as tips on taking a good photo. I am writing up the best tips and ideas here for you to help your family enjoy this fun holiday tradition!

1. Choose a location for your family photo - I have known familes to take great pictures in front of the Christmas tree, in the woods while selecting a tree, in front of a snow-covered landscape, at the mall with Santa, and in a portrait studio. One family sent me a lovely photo of them in front of the Polar Express train in certain cities that offer this train ride. One family had 40 people! Outdoors is a fun twist on a formal photo locale. Another family gathers everyone around an old-time sleigh at Grandma's house. Each year can be the same location or a new, fun background depending on your family's idea for tradition.

2. Choose your apparel - Of course, I hear about families pictures from families who are purchasing and wearing our matching clothing in fun holiday designs and unique Love Your Family prints. That is one option - selecting a particular design that strikes you and buying matching Christmas shirts in every size for each family member. You can also get the whole outfit so the family matches from head to toe. An alternative is for eveyone to wear plain, solid color shirts for the photo. Perhaps don a scarf or hat for a fun accessory. A popular color for families to wear is plain white to downplay the clothing and focus on the family. Other families prefer to be less formal with bright colors and crazy positions. One family takes a photo every year wearing a different goofy accessory such as groucho marx glasses! Whatever clothing you choose to wear for you family photo, make sure it is available in sizes for all family members.

3. Choose a time/date - Most families who plan ahead get their family picture taken early in September or October. It is generally easier to find matching clothes in all sizes this early as well as book an appointment at a portrait studio and get everyone there before the holiday season sweeps up everybody into the busy frenzy. If you have young children, morning is best when they are more likely to cooperate and less likely to be grumpy and difficult. One grandmother told me that she plans a big brunch in early November to entice all her children, grandchildren, spouses and significant others with her delicacies and then insists they pose for a portrait. Clever Grandma!

Some families get make sure everyone is gathered and take their picture on Thanksgiving Day. Others wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas day to take their picture when all the family is together celebrating and happy. Instead of mailing out traditional cards, now families are sharing their love through electronic postings on FaceBook and Instagram.

One common denominator among all the best pictures is that the family is having fun. Try these creative, unique twists this year and take the best family photo ever.

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