Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 Family Fun Tips and Matching Mother Daughter Outfits for Easter

Easter is almost here! I have always loved Easter with my kids and would love to pass along some fun ideas that have made our Easter celebrations special and fun every year. My children are 13 and 10 now and still enjoy the fun and games of this holiday. Even though they are wise to who is planning their fun, they still look forward to it every year.

1. Hiding the Easter Baskets - Why just hide the baskets full of goodies when you can make your kids work for them? When my kids were little, I would plan extravagant hunts complete with clues and message from E. Bunny to help them find their baskets. This fun scavenger hunt did not take long to put together - make sure to type in a fun font so older kids don't get wise - and my children remember fondly running over themselves Easter morning following E. Bunny's clues. It made finding their baskets all the more special and I do believe they loved hunt more than the basket itself!

2. Pet Easter Baskets - 2 years ago we had a doggie addition to our family and our little beagle gets a Christmas stocking so of course she gets an Easter basket. You can fill a pet basket with treats and cheap toys. My children loved giving their puppy her Easter treats just as much as they enjoyed their own.

3. Special breakfast - Easter morning in our house means anything goes for breakfast. One favorite is melting chocolate candy and drizzling it on pancakes, loading them up with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Another favorite is hard boiled eggs made into Easter bunny faces with raisins and licorice. And, yes, ice cream is allowed for dessert on this special day along with some of the treats from the basket.

4. Coloring Easter Eggs - With so many fun kits available everywhere, making Easter eggs colorful is great fun and easy, too. Make sure to leave them out for the Easter Bunny to see and comment on Easter morning

5. Mother Daughter Gifts - Matching Outfits for Easter - make waking up to search for baskets super fun in matching outfits for mom and kids. Running around and enjoying each other in matching family outfits make great pictures, too. Also, try matching father and son outfits or matching clothing for the entire family to make sure everyone enjoys their special day.

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