Friday, September 2, 2011

Matching Sibling Clothing - Lacy and Gabby in their Matching Ladybug Outfits

Check out Lacy and Gabby in their Little Bug matching sibling outfits having a great time together. Aunt Michelle also received matching pajamas in the Lady Bug design. Matching mother daughter pajamas for mom, aunts, grandmothers with matching outfits for girls of all ages is a fun way to spend quality time together!

These fun pajamas for women with matching play outfits for girls are personalized for Lacy and Gabby with their names printed on the back of the shirts in fun, bold letters. Aunt Michelle says, "Lacy and Gabby lovvvveeee their matching outfits! And it was so special to have their names personalized, and easy for me to dress the right child in the right size!"

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