Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tips for Buying Personalized Clothing for Your Family

Personalized clothing makes an exceptional and unique family gift idea. From t-shirts customized with names to personalize, buying such a individualized gift will delight your entire family. Here are some key tips when purchasing personalized clothing to keep in mind as you shop:

1. Quality - Make sure the clothing is high quality and durable. A heavier weight cotton will hold the personalized details and hold up thru washing better than a thin, lightweight fabric.

2. Sizing - Most customized clothing is not returnable, so check sizing charts or contact the company customer service team to ensure you are purchasing the best fit for the recipient.

3. Print quality - Personalization should not fade, tear or look washed out after just a few wears. In fact, high quality prints should stand up to many wearing and washings. Check customer reviews and testimonials for feedback on the lasting nature of the print. Also, customer service personnel almost always own the products they are promoting so feel free to contact them and ask how the print is holding up for them.

4. Spelling - Double and triple check the spelling of the names you are personalizing your clothing with as companies will happily and quickly correct any errors on their part, but if you spell a name incorrectly, the company will print that exact spelling to your specification.

5. Personalized Pajamas for Women and men - Purchasing personalized pjs for adults with matching play outfits for children is a fun gift idea. Everyone loves being noticed for their individuality and customizing sleepwear with names is a great gift idea that will get lots of use. Consider big, bold names on sleepwear for men and women.

At Footsteps Clothing, we offer only the highest quality fabrics and prints on your personalized clothing. Any of our apparel items can be personalized now for $7.95 per item, up to 10 letters. Purchasing is easy directly on our website and you can review your spelling all the way through cehckout. Please feel free to visit us at and see our large selection of family matching pajamas for the adults in your family with coordinating play outfits for the kids. Thank you for shopping with us.

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