Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to Make Your Holiday Pictures Great with Christmas PJs from Footsteps

Tis the season to for mailing holiday cards. This year, up the joy of bringing your family together by selecting matching Christmas Pjs for adults with coordinating playwear outfits for kids from Footsteps Clothing that will give your family a smile worthy of the annual Christmas card picture. Matching pajamas and daywear outfits will create an entertaining, charming picture that will show your friends and relatives your family's fun personality.

As you're getting ready for your picture, consider a few tips to make your portrait turn out great:

- Choose brightly colored outfitsto dress up your family. Bright colors make faces light up and will keep your family looking full of life and happy. Using a camera with a flash, even if you're outside, will also make colors pop and keep your picture looking sharp and in focus. Check out "Talking with Tami" host Tami Reed's family portait in Footstep's bright red "Very Merry Me" jammies.

- Select a place to take pictures with a simple, plain background. Make sure tree branches, lamp posts or other background distractions are absent so the picture looks clean and keeps focus on your family.

- Don't be afraid to get creative. A regular holiday shot would line up the family in the center of the frame and snap a picture. You may get a great picture, but why not try something fun? For example, line your family up in the shape of a Christmas tree with everyone holding simple ornaments. Friends and family will love your new take on the holiday picture.

- Consider e-cards for easy picture uploading without the expense of developing pictures, purchasing cards, and paying for postage. The efficiency of using email addresses already in your contacts list will make your holiday sail by smoothly while your nearest and dearest enjoy your e-update and family portrait.