Sunday, September 20, 2009

FLANNEL CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS - A christmas tradition for adults and kids!

ADULT CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS - A holiday tradition that you can enjoy as a child and an adult!

Do you ever think about your favorite holiday tradition that you remember as a young child? For many adults, your holiday traditions that you cherish today started when you were very young and often harbor the best memories of your own childhood. For me, my favorite holiday memories are my christmas pjs. My mother would hand out this special present on Christmas Eve. It was the only gift we were allowed to open before Christmas morning. We would gather under the christmas tree, sipping cider and listening to holiday music. Rudolph would often be on the TV in the background. The tree was decorated with cherished heirlooms from our family. Decorating the tree, a painstaking slow and deliberate process, was another of our wonderful family holiday traditions that I remember and love. My sister and I would both together unwrap our new christmas pajamas. With thrills of delight, we would tear off our old jammies and snuggle into our new christmas pajamas in colorful, bright patterns and so soft I felt like I was sleeping tucked inside a cloud.

If now as an adult you remember how amazing and special your christmas pajamas were when you were a child, then you can not only carry on this tradition for your own children, but you can enjoy it yourself even today as an adult! You will find a large selection of adult christmas pajamas, womens christmas pajamas, mens flannel pajamas and matching family flannel pajamas for every member of your family in Love Your Family(R) Brand by Footsteps Clothing.

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Anonymous said...

Great post on Christmas Pajamas. I love these matching family pajamas. I'm trying to get my friends to get some for their new families and for their kids. I made a hubpage on family Christmas pajamas for them to check out.

Maybe your readers may like some of the styles as well.

Happy holidays!