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We offer a beautiful selection of gifts designed for mothers, daughters, sons, fathers and every family member to share together, spend time together and enjoy each other. Our product line includes such unique and high-quality products as our MY FAMILY ROCKS family matching t-shirts, short-sleeve tee shirts and long-sleeve t-shirts, A VERY MERRY MOMMY designer family mom top matches with A VERY MERRY Me girls and boys long-sleeve shirt for the holidays. Match all these with our comfortable and luxurious family christmas tree tshirts and you have an adorable holiday christmas shirt for the whole family for christmas pictures! Don't forget Dad with A VERY MERRY ME holiday tee-shirt just for fathers who love their families. Our fun family matching clothing is made for fun familes that treasure their family time together, expecially at the holidays. Our MATCHING FAMILY SHIRTS are a huge best-seller with fun families everywhere. Holiday Christmas Shirts for Boys, Christmas Holiday Shirts for Girls, Christmas Holiday Shirts for Baby, Christmas clothes for KIDS! Holiday Christmas Shirts for Adults and the whole family! Family Matching Holiday & Christmas Shirts and Tops make Family Holiday Traditions Rock!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

FLANNEL CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS - A christmas tradition for adults and kids!

ADULT CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS - A holiday tradition that you can enjoy as a child and an adult!

Do you ever think about your favorite holiday tradition that you remember as a young child? For many adults, your holiday traditions that you cherish today started when you were very young and often harbor the best memories of your own childhood. For me, my favorite holiday memories are my christmas pjs. My mother would hand out this special present on Christmas Eve. It was the only gift we were allowed to open before Christmas morning. We would gather under the christmas tree, sipping cider and listening to holiday music. Rudolph would often be on the TV in the background. The tree was decorated with cherished heirlooms from our family. Decorating the tree, a painstaking slow and deliberate process, was another of our wonderful family holiday traditions that I remember and love. My sister and I would both together unwrap our new christmas pajamas. With thrills of delight, we would tear off our old jammies and snuggle into our new christmas pajamas in colorful, bright patterns and so soft I felt like I was sleeping tucked inside a cloud.

If now as an adult you remember how amazing and special your christmas pajamas were when you were a child, then you can not only carry on this tradition for your own children, but you can enjoy it yourself even today as an adult! You will find a large selection of adult christmas pajamas, womens christmas pajamas, mens flannel pajamas and matching family flannel pajamas for every member of your family in Love Your Family(R) Brand by Footsteps Clothing.

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Buy SNOWMAN CHRISTMAS ONESIE by Footsteps Clothing

I purchase my 2 children matching Christmas Pajamas every year and have since they were born. I would love to share with you how this simple holiday idea has become so special to me and to all of us.

It started when my son was born and we dressed him from head to toe in an adorable santa baby Christmas onesie. I have kept that outfit in his baby book and everytime I get it out and look at it, I remember how thrilled we were to have him on his very first Christmas. He is 9 years old now and I love to show the outfit to him and see how amazed he is that he used to be that small! We took a thousand pictures of him that Christmas and I treasure them all, remembering the happiness and joy that he brought us at the holidays and all year long.

Every year since then I have bought both my children matching holiday pjs. They look forward to this tradition every year, especially because this is one gift they get to open early! They receive their Christmas jammies early December so they can wear them all season long. They literally want to wear them every night, but especially on nights we watch Rudolph or go caroling and of course on Christmas Eve. They are convinced Santa brings them more gifts because he sees them in their christmas pjs on Christmas eve. I take pictures of the kids every year opening Christmas presents and under the tree in their pjs. These photos are truly treasured by all of us and looking over them as the kids have grown over the years gives us all a warm feeling inside. The holidays are a happy time, a family time. We think of these treasured happy memories when we pull out the photos or their old christmas pjs (yes, I have kept them all - I could not bear to part with something so special and that contained such loving memories!)

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FAMILY MATCHING CHRISTMAS SHIRTS are a special family holiday tradition!



Purchasing MATCHING HOLIDAY SHIRTS for my family is one of the greatest joys I get each and every holiday season. It has become one of our most fun and unique family holiday traditions! We wear our christmas t-shirts all holiday season long and do so many activities while wearing them! We all get into the christmas spirit in our matching holiday shirts including dad, mom, kids, baby and even grandparents! Some of the fun holiday activities we do all togethr in our matching christmas shirts are baking christmas cookies, christmas caroling, giving gifts to neighbors, visiting the hospital and retirement home communities with food and good cheer and of course, cozying up together by the fire and spending quality time with each other! We also watch all the christmas television in our matching holiday shirts and the kids even enjoy wearing their christmas t-shirts to school. It is a lovely holiday tradition that I look forward to every year!


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** Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational and entertainment purposes. Footsteps Clothing sells pajamas in adult sizes only and does NOT sell pajamas in childrens sizes. All outfits in childrens sizes are designed as playwear and not intended for sleeping activities.

Matching Family Pajamas to Crazy Christmas Cards - 5 Unique Family Holiday Tradition Ideas!

Family holiday traditions are as unique and varied as families themselves. Holiday tradition marks the season and encourages family togetherness. The entire holiday season is permeated with a beautiful air - families being together, spending time together, respecting each other and loving each other. If you are looking to start a unique and special family holiday tradition for your family, here are some great ideas that real families enjoy each and every year. Even if your family has a host of tradition, a new and unique holiday tradition can add some extra excitement to your family’s holiday season.

Matching Family Pajamas
- Purchase a fun holiday or Christmas design of family matching pajamas early in the holiday season and have the whole family wear their matching pajamas while holiday baking, watching Rudolph, trimming the tree, Christmas Eve and opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Family Christmas Card Photo - The taking of the family photo for the family Christmas card to send out to family, friends and everyone is not always a jolly joy, sometimes considered a nuisance task marked by grunts and groans. Try making the family Christmas card photo a fun experience and you will be thrilled with the result. Some creative ideas are:

* Take the picture outdoors, perhaps while selecting the Christmas tree;
* Wear matching family clothing - matching holiday pajamas are a great twist;
* Take a special picture from a special family vacation during the year - who says the family Christmas card has to be taken in the winter?
* Wear goofy hats - santa hats, chef hats, baseball caps, be creative!
* Family in action - instead of posing the family stiffly in front of a camera, try having someone take a picture of your family engaged in your favorite family activity, whether its biking, mountain climbing, lounging around or playing the Wii
* Family collage - a really creative Christmas card idea is taking a close-up snapshot of each family member individually being their own individual self. Put all the photos into a collage to compile a family Christmas card that symbolizes the uniqueness of the individuals in your family and also how they come together to make the family special!

Holiday Charity for the whole Family - the holiday spirit is all about giving. Try making your holiday charity a family event. Not only will this tradition instill the charitable spirit into children, but will give the whole family a special bond as they assist those less fortunate during the holiday season.

Christmas Eve Bingo - Christmas Eve is a special time for families to be together and celebrate each other. Make your own Christmas bingo cards out of construction paper using any fun symbols and bottle caps for marking the cards. Your family may have more fun making the bingo cards!

Family Cookie Exchange - A cookie exchange party is a fun event for adults during holiday time. Why not include the whole family and invite some good friends over for a family cookie exchange? Be sure that the kids help bake the cookies and mix the punch!

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