Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Holiday Cookie Baking Tradition made better with MATCHING CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS!

We love to pass along unique and fun family holiday traditions that our customers are kind enough to share with us. This creative family holiday tradition comes from the Owens family in Mississippi.

Each year mom and her two daughters gather in the kitchen to bake holiday cookies right before christmas. What makes the Owens family so unique is that they not only bake their cookies all together as a family, but they put a few fun twists on this tradition. First, there is no limit on tasting, finger-sucking and bowl-licking this one day of the year. This makes Dad and teenage son very happy! Second, they put on some old-fashiones christmas music and light a cinnamon candle. Third, all the kids bake wearing their matching christmas pajamas and this year even Mom and Don are going to put some on so the whole family will enjoy this wonderful family time together even more. The oldest daughter is tasked with picture taking - we cant wait to see these wonderful photos of the entire Owen family baking in their matching holiday pjs!

After the cookies are baked, the Owens family divides them up and keeps a few for themselves, a few for Santa, a couple dozen for family, friends and neighbors and the rest Mom Owen brings to the hospital where she is a nurse and donates to the families of sick loved ones.

Thank you for sharing with us Owens family!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A VERY MERRY MATCHING FAMILY CHRISTMAS PJS - now in short-sleeve for 2009!

Thank you to all our customers who asked for our best-selling christmas pajama styles in short-sleeve for warm-weather climates and warm-blooded family members. This year we are pleased to bring to you our best-selling VERY MERRY christmas pjs in a short-sleeve tee and pant. Feel free to mix and match coordinating pajama styles - we offer A VERY MERRY MOMMY, A VERY MERRY DADDY and A VERY MERRY ME fun expressions with the matching snowman design. To include grandparents, aunts, uncles and every member of the merry family, the A VERY MERRY ME short-sleeve tee and pant set comes in both adult and kid sizes!

Thank you for shopping with us!

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