Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Time During Holidays to Give Your Family Their Matching Christmas Pajamas

We are thrilled that so many of our customers and friends have beautiful holiday family traditions, including purchasing matching family christmas pajamas every year for the whole family. This is a special and wonderful tradition and we wondered when was the perfect time to present the matching pajamas? Here is a list of the top times that our customers and friends give their matching christmas pjs to their families to wear and enjoy:

Christmas Eve - Many families enjoy presenting their matching christmas pajamas on Christmas eve as they anxiously await Santa Claus. As this is often the one and only gift that children are allowed to open prior to Christmas morning, they are completely thrilled. Also, the kids and mom and dad are awake in their matching pjs all ready to gather around the tree together and see what Santa has brought!

December 1 - Some families have a tradition of purchasing those count-down calendars to Christmas day that begin at the start of December. Many customers give their families their christmas pjs at the same time, allowing plenty of use and wear of the pajamas throughout the holiday season.

December Birthday - If you are lucky enough to have someone in your family with a December birthday, try this fun twist on their birthday gift - make their christmas pjs one of their birthday gifts, but also a gift for everyone in the family. Even more special, is to allow the birthday child to open his pajamas first (he is the birthday person after all) and let him hand out the matching pajamas to the rest of his family. We have discovered this makes the December birthday child feel as if having a December birthday is a special treat instead of forgotten in the christmas season. If the December birthday person in your family is mom or dad or Granpa, even better - make the christmas pjs a special gift that the kids are involved in selecting and handing out!

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