Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 Unique Gift Ideas For Dad on Father's Day!

When Father's Day rolls around, finding the perfect gift for dad is a special challenge. He does so much for his family that you want to be sure to get him a Father's Day gift that is as unique, special and cherished as he is. Perhaps its his very first Father's Day or his twentieth, you want his special gift to wow him. For the man who does so much for his family all year round, here are 5 unique gift ideas for dad on Father's Day that he will be sure to love!

· Pajamas for Dad - Fun mens pajamas are a unique gift for any man, even grandfather. There are so many styles and varieties to choose from to fit the uniqueness of the father in your family. Choose from luxurious pjs for the guy who enjoys a little pampering. For the guy who likes to lounge around with his family on weekends, try purchasing him a tee-shirt and boxer set with a unique design or expression so that he will always feel special when he wears it!

· Matching family outfits - A unique gift idea is matching clothes for Dad and his whole family. You can find matching family clothes on the internet and choose from a wide variety of styles and expressions that every member of the family will be proud to wear when spending time together. Won't he just love lounging out all day in his PJs with his kids!

· Unique t-shirt for Dad - Every father is special and unique in his own way, but every man wears tee shirts. Choose a shirt that says something unique and individual about him. Simply pick out a unique characteristic and search on the internet for a shirt that he will love. Some great t-shirt ideas include expressions such as Happy Dad, Cool Daddy-o and Team Daddy. He may love a t-shirt with a simple expression, but if you put a little thought into it, you can find a shirt that is unique and truly selected just for him

· Matching Family Pajamas for Dad and the whole family - Matching family pajamas are a fantastic gift idea for the man who has everything for Father's Day. Not only are matching pajamas a unique gift, but he will treasure them because he can share them with his whole family. Kids will adore matching with Dad and cuddling him while wearing their matching pajamas.

· Time with his Family - What does he like to do most with his family? Go to movies, hiking, biking, horseback riding, sports? A unique gift idea for Dad is to buy him 'time' with his family doing what he loves best. Get the whole family tickets to a baseball game or a movie, schedule a biking or hiking trip or plan a special family outing just to be together!

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