Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Matching Holiday & Christmas Pajamas make Family Holiday Traditions Rock

Family Matching Holiday & Christmas Pajamas make Family Holiday Traditions Rock

Are you looking for a way to create memorable family traditions with your family at holiday time? Or maybe you have some great traditions already, but want to spice them up and make your time with your family even more special? Below are five family holiday tradition ideas that are made even more spectacular while wearing matching family holiday and Christmas pajamas. Why are matching family Christmas pajamas such a unique and special way to spend time with your family? Wearing matching pajamas encourages family togetherness, snuggling, cuddling and puts every member of the family into a jovial mood. Who wouldn’t be merry wearing fun family matching pajamas in beautiful holiday colors and designs? So get you and your entire family some holiday pajamas and try out these great ideas:

* Baking - There are many opportunities to get into your pajamas and into the kitchen with your family. Baking cookies for Santa’s big visit is a wonderful family event. Bake cookies for charity or a cookie exchange party in your neighborhood. Any baking you do at holiday time is made even more fun while wearing your matching family pajamas – and don’t forget to take pictures!

* Decorating - Does your family all gather around the Christmas tree and help decorate? Maybe you sing Christmas carols while you work. However you and your family decorate your home at holiday time, make that time less work and more play by donning your family holiday pajamas.

* Watching Rudolph and Frosty - Is there anything more enjoyable than snuggling up with your family and watching those traditional Christmas shows that run on television every year? Put on your pjs, pop some popcorn and cuddle up for some very close and special family time.

* Crafts - Every family has their individual family traditions that they do every year. Some of the best traditions are when you create family treasures together. Plan ahead and pick out some craft projects for your family according to their age and ability. Holiday crafts should be fun, simple and easy. Purchase all the necessary supplies. Then, put on your matching family Christmas pajamas, sit down together and build your own family treasures and memories!

* Christmas card pictures and photos - Looking for a unique picture taking opportunity this year to present your family on Christmas cards or a family holiday portrait? Put the whole family into their matching holiday pjs and gather together by the tree. Set the camera timer or have a close neighbor take your very special family Christmas picture in your matching pajamas. These adorable portraits will be treasured for many years to come!