Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 Crazy Ideas to put the FUN back in your Family Christmas Card or Family Holiday Photo

One of the most popular family holiday traditions is sending out Christmas cards to faraway relatives, neighbors and friends with a family photo. However, the actual taking of the family photo for the family Christmas card is not always a jolly joy, sometimes considered a nuisance task marked by grunts and groans, resulting in a staged, stiff photo of fake smiles and barely contained hostility. Try making the family Christmas card photo a fun experience and you will be thrilled with the result. The most important aspect of the family holiday picture is to have fun with it. If the family members are enjoying themselves and each other, it will shine through in the family portrait. Some creative ideas to help your family have fun and enjoy taking the family holiday picture for the annual Christmas card are:

o take the picture outdoors, perhaps while selecting the Christmas tree or building a snowman;
o wear matching family clothing – matching holiday Christmas pajamas or family matching holiday shirts are a great twist;
o dig out a special picture from a special family vacation during the year – who says the family Christmas card has to be taken in the winter?
o Wear goofy hats – santa hats, chef hats, baseball caps, be creative!
o Get active – instead of posing the family stiffly in front of a camera, try having someone take a picture of your family engaged in your favorite family activity, whether its biking, mountain climbing, lounging around, a snowball fight, sledding or playing the Wii
o Family collage – a really creative Christmas card idea is taking a close-up snapshot of each family member individually being their own individual self. Put all the photos into a collage to compile a family Christmas card that symbolizes the uniqueness of the individuals in your family and also how they come together to make the family special!

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