Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How our Matching Christmas Pajamas tradition got started and why my kids love them!

I purchase my 2 children matching Christmas Pajamas every year and have since they were born. I would love to share with you how this simple holiday idea has become so special to me and to all of us.

It started when my son was born and we dressed him from head to toe in an adorable santa baby Christmas onesie. I have kept that outfit in his baby book and everytime I get it out and look at it, I remember how thrilled we were to have him on his very first Christmas. He is 9 years old now and I love to show the outfit to him and see how amazed he is that he used to be that small! We took a thousand pictures of him that Christmas and I treasure them all, remembering the happiness and joy that he brought us at the holidays and all year long.

Every year since then I have bought both my children matching holiday pjs. They look forward to this tradition every year, especially because this is one gift they get to open early! They receive their Christmas jammies early December so they can wear them all season long. They literally want to wear them every night, but especially on nights we watch Rudolph or go caroling and of course on Christmas Eve. They are convinced Santa brings them more gifts because he sees them in their christmas pjs on Christmas eve. I take pictures of the kids every year opening Christmas presents and under the tree in their pjs. These photos are truly treasured by all of us and looking over them as the kids have grown over the years gives us all a warm feeling inside. The holidays are a happy time, a family time. We think of these treasured happy memories when we pull out the photos or their old christmas pjs (yes, I have kept them all - I could not bear to part with something so special and that contained such loving memories!)

In late 2006 I started Footsteps Clothing because I wanted promote family togetherness through something I loved, fun family clothing. So, of course Christmas Pajamas for the kids was one of my favorite designs. But this time I could go one step further and create Christmas Pajamas for the whole family - myself, Dad, grandma, grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins and everyone! I am thrilled and honored to share this story with our Footsteps Family, hoping that you enjoy your family at the holidays and all year long as I enjoy mine!

This photo is actually me and my children, Jarod and Brooke in our Lucky Family Pajamas (the 2008 Christmas Pajamas selection for us) - each of us feels so lucky to have one another.