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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Custom Christmas Pajamas & Matching Playwear Outfits

It is so easy and fun to create your own Christmas Pajamas in adult sizes and matching playwear outfits in kids sizes! 3 easy steps is all it takes. Watch our short tutorial video here that will walk your through how to choose and find holiday designs on our website and place your order:

>>Design Your Own Custom Christmas Pajamas Now >

Go to the Custom Christmas Pajamas section of our website. You can narrow your selection by Adult Custom Christmas Pajamas, Kids Custom Christmas Outfits (not sleepwear), or Custom Christmas Sets for the whole family.

STEP 1: Choose the shirt and pant style you prefer. We have long-sleeve options, short-sleeve and pants and boxer short sets in various colors. Click on the shirt and pant style you like best to go to the product page where you will enter your custom details.

STEP 2: Select your custom design options. Each custom product will have a selection of designs available including Christmas Tree, Wrapped Present or Elf Hat. You can also select None and just have text on the front of your shirt. Also, select the size. If you need any assistance with sizing, see our sizing chart and instructions to help you select the best size to achieve the best fit.

STEP 3: Enter your Custom Text. You can input any custom text you want. We will print your text exactly as you input it here and you can choose to have your text on several lines across the front of the shirt, symbols, nicknames or anything you can think of! If you need some fun ideas that customers have created, look them over here: Custom Clothing Ideas. Perhaps seeing the custom creations of other customers will inspire you to create a unique and fun custom holiday design of your own!

Then just add any other details you may wish such as additional personalization on the back of the shirt, gift wrap, gift message or special instructions for us as we fill your order.

Add to your shopping cart and check out!!

We have tried to help you create customized holiday pajamas and outfits in the easiest and most fun way possible. Have fun!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me, Amber, for any help or assistance or questions!

Thank you!

Customer Happiness Director

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day in Pajamas - Easy Ways to Make Breakfast in Bed Tradition Extra Special for Mom

Mother's Day is May 11!

It's coming up quick and according to friends, customers and a deluge of Facebook posts, spoiling Mom on her special day while letting her relax and spend the day in her PJs is a popular and always loved gift. There are endless ways to make Mom happy - and almost anything her children do for her will delight Mom. Thank you to customers and friends who have contributed to this list and I've included some great ideas here for everyone. Here are some easy ways to make her Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed super special for Mom while she lounges, relaxes and rejuvenates in her pajamas with her family:

Breakfast in Bed...or on the deck...or in the sunroom.. 

Everyone knows this one! And Mom always appreciates sleeping in and having breakfast served to her. Who doesn't? You can make this wonderful tradition even more special with these easy tips:
  • Have her coffee piping hot and waiting for her while kids and Dad prepare breakfast
  • Have the kids go outside and pick a single flower, put it in a vase and place it near Mom so she can enjoy it while eating
  • Bring her the newspaper or ipad or whatever she likes to check first thing in the morning
  • Keep breakfast simple! It is not so much the actual food, but the fact that her family has taken the initiative and time to prepare it for her. Here are some link to some great, easy breakfast recipes perfect for Mother's Day. Of course, she will enjoy a regular favorite just as much, whether its toast with butter, pancakes or cereal. Remember, its the effort that counts.
  • Make sure Mom gets huge hugs immediately upon awakening.
  • Include some hand made 'I LOVE YOU' cards and drawings that she can open while enjoying her feast
  • Add to breakfast something special and non-traditional breakfast chocolate. Let Mom splurge - after all its her day.
See more fun ideas for Breakfast in Bed for Mom on Pinterest:

To make Mother's Day breakfast in bed extra special, here are some unique and fun pajamas for Mom.

Fun Mommy Pajamas

Another great gift idea is to have kids in their matching outfits that match Mom's pajamas. Here is a fun selection of Mommy and Me Pajamas and outfits (adult sizes are pajamas; kids sizes are daywear clothing sets).
Mommy and Me Outfits
Please use Coupon Code LOVEMOM for 20% off your entire order!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inspirational Family Quotes - Love and Funny

These are some of my favorite quotes about families. Some of them funny, some inspirational, some just poking fun at the complexities of family relationships. But at the heart of it all, families are bonded by love. See more fun family inspirational quotes on our Pinterest Board.
Love Your Family -

This happens to be our belief here at Footsteps:


From Mom's everywhere..... 



Friday, April 18, 2014

All About Sizing - Family Pajamas & Matching kids Outfits

This short video will tell you everything you need to know to choose the perfect size in our outfits for your family. Answers frequently asked questions such as:

- What is Unisex Sizing?
- Are your outfits loose fit?
- For adult pajamas, what is the Women's dress or jeans size equivalents?
- Is there a Sizing Chart with pant length and shirt dimensions?
- Does the waistband stretch?

If you have any questions about sizing or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact Amber!

Call: 919-462-1600

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukranian Family - Inspirational Story of Love

I was recently on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with an amazing group of people. During the course of the week we shared lives and things we were struggling with in our lives. Our theme for the week was ‘Love’, a beautiful theme for any occasion. One morning as we were doing yoga in our outdoor studio on the dock of the jungle, our instructor shared this story of family love that I am compelled to pass along. This family was neighbors of hers in New Jersey. You may want to grab a tissue before reading this story of love, family and endurance.

This is their story:

A husband and wife lived in the Ukraine during World War 2 and embarked on a train ride to visit the wife’s sister. When the doors opened, they found themselves ushered into a concentration camp. Prisoners, even though they were Catholic. The husband and wife were imprisoned in separate barracks under horrid, unimaginable conditions. Each night they would sneak out of their barracks and meet in a wooded area. There they would sit up, back to back to keep watch, and talk, touch and sleep. While imprisoned the wife became pregnant with the husband’s child. She was allowed to carry the baby to term as one of the officers had recently lost a child and he intended to abduct the wife’s baby once it was born and keep it for his own.

The camp was liberated before she gave birth and they couple moved to New Jersey where they raised a beautiful family of children and grandchildren.

The husband and wife, years later as grandparents, reflected that the sheer force of their love for each other gave them the strength to survive. Just that nightly contact and being together gave them hope and faith to endure. That the force of love can be as powerful as any other force and they clung to those nights and the brief moments they were able to share.

                As we all struggle in our daily lives to juggle everything in our modern day world, be sure to take those moments every single day to sit with your family, forge that bond that ties you all together and love each other. They are right there with you, in the same house. Take that moment and love your family today.
Thank you for reading this story of family inspiration. If you have a story of your own or know of an amazing family, please contact me and share your story. I would love to share it with others.
~ Amber
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Your Family Valentines Day - 3 Fun Family V-Day Activites, the EASIEST Dessert Ever & Fun New PJs

It's my favorite holiday of the year...Love Day! What could be better than celebrating the love you share with your significant other, children, Mom and Dad, grandparents and extended family?

Valentine's Day is not just for lovers, it is a day of love to share with everyone that you love. Here are some fun ideas for you to Love Your Family this Valentine's Day:

3 Fun Valentines Day Activities for the Whole Family

 1. Cuddle up for a family movie night

There is nothing like snuggling with your whole family under a soft blanket and watching a favorite movie. Choose a fun love-theme movie to watch together. Some of our favorites suitable for the whole family are: Family Man, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Shrek (yes there is a love story in there), Moonstruck and Beauty and the Beast.

Family Movie Night
 See related article How to Have a Great Family Movie Night for more easy tips

2. Prepare a super EASY, super FAST, super DELICIOUS Valentines Day Treat

This dessert is so easy you will wonder why you don't have it every night. It only has 2 ingredients and takes less than 5 minutes to make. Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Here's how to make them:

First. melt a couple Hershey bars in the microwave. You can also use chocolate chips or white chocolate chips for black and white berries. Wash your strawberries. Dip them in the melted chocolate. Wait 1 minute. Eat!

3. Make Your Own Valentine's Day Gifts

Such a special, meaningful and inexpensive gift idea! So many variations you can do. Here are some great ideas for make your own gifts:

  • Hand-made Valentine's Day cards - great for younger kids.
  • Love Poems - they don't have to be works of art! Think Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...
  • List of Reasons you Love Someone - fun for the whole family to think about and recognize each other for the love they feel
  • Painted Jewelry Box - little girls will just adore this personalized hand-made craft. Buy the unpainted box at any craft store and paint fun, colorful designs.

New Fun Family Outfits

If you are looking for some fun new pajamas and outfits for this Valentine's Day, we have many fun designs and styles. Here are just a few. View our complete selection of Valentine's Day Pajamas in adult sizes with matching playwear outfits for kids.

Enjoy loving your family this Valentine's Day!
~ Amber
Customer Happiness Director